The lady who is rediscovering the lost fabrics of India: Meet Sanjukta Roy, Textile Designer and owner of the brand: Sanjukta.


There are things we see around us everyday yet fail to notice until they vanish into thin air one day. How often do we see gamchhas and lungis? Quite often, right? But if they are not rediscovered, something so familiar yet neglected could just disappear from the country in a few years. Sanjukta, the brand is an attempt to bring these two fabrics back into public imagination and restore a measure of respect for these versatile crafts. 

The beautiful mind behind Sanjukta is Sanjukta Roy. She has been in the industry for 13 years now and has worked in the exports, crafts and domestic sector. There was a point when she ran out of money and had too many bills to pay. But like many of us she was in love with Calcutta and didn’t wish to leave the City of Joy. That was how and when Sanjukta, the brand was born. 


It is tough to find a brand which is as organic as hers. And by that we do not just refer to the fabrics she is so energetically presenting in the new day wearable form but also the way she markets her brand. In the day of Facebook Advertisements it’s always a pleasure to find people who are growing organically without falling into the temptation of paid likes and Roy is one of them. In her words ‘The wheels have set in motion. It is growing organically without extra efforts on promotion. I believe in producing small amounts. Too much of anything even the most delicious food can make you lose your taste for it.’  

On a regular day, Sanjukta swims, does household chores and studies a bit. She attends visitors to SANJUKTA, goes for Aikido/language class, meets friends and then gets back home. She wraps up her day by either watching some TV series or studying some more. As regular as that sounds, the lady is way beyond that. Responsible for bringing back the visibility of The Gamchha in such a fashionable way Roy is the one who is showing the city and beyond the organic way of seeing life. And that is as phenomenal an act as the woman herself. 


Her words of wisdom for anyone who wishes to become an Entrepreneur, ‘Take a good long vacation before you want to make that strike. Plan well but do not expect it to go all well always. Hang in there even when you think it’s too much work and too little money. Stick by your principles even when bullied, discouraged by your ‘own’ people. Learn to find faults with your baby’.
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Note: This story is a part of The Phenomenal Woman Series launched by Papercup.