The lady who has tried her hand at everything from working as a waitress to an attendant in a book binding store and from a slogan writer to a short stint in an advertising firm: Meet Mousumi Kar Chowdhury who awakened to what brings her true happiness in the process of trying myriad things at a young age. 


In her quest of gathering varied experiences, she realized that her skills are better attuned towards something beyond just generating profits for the organizations she worked for. At this juncture, it was by chance that she started working as a volunteer for the Alipore Zoo in Kolkata wherein she found her true inner likings. In her words “It dawned upon me, that I’m instinctively protective towards creatures who are forcefully brought or raised in artificial setting”. This insight opened a lot of avenues for her but it was not until she worked as a volunteer for a special school in Kolkata that she decided to carry forward this particular streak in her. And she didn’t look back after that.


She honed her skills by studying further and it was only after completing her M.Phil in Special Education that she decided to take the plunge. Nearly seven years have passed since then and she is still tirelessly trying to cater to the needs of children with special needs. She is currently working in a school in Muscat, Oman. However, at this place the challenge is a little different. Now, she is working with children who are blessed with average intellect but suffer from learning disorders. A firm believer in the adage Practice makes a man perfect, Mousumi says “If we can train animals to jump through the ring, human beings across the wide spectrum of intelligence can definitely learn through training and appropriate techniques. I enjoy devising new methods for making learning an enjoyable process. Teaching, therefore for me is no less than experimenting on a daily basis.”

What was interesting during this particular interview was that she appeared rather surprised about us showing interest to cover her in our Phenomenal Woman Series. She said that most people say she is a teacher of mad children. She sounded a little disheartened about such insensitivity but strong as she is, she knows how to deal with such comments. 


Mousumi, mother of a three year old loves reading books and has recently developed a passion for poetry and playing the guitar. When asked for her take on motherhood she said “I don’t like being married but I like being a mother.”

She signed off saying “I thank Papercup for giving me a platform to share my story. Now, that I have shared it I feel I can achieve anything if I dare to. So, go ahead and take the plunge.” 

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Note: This story is a part of The Phenomenal Woman Series launched by Papercup.